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*    Set up -- Firmware, Software, Credit Car Payment Systems 

                                     Free On Site Consult and Estimate

  Intuit GoPayment credit card reader for credit card payments

  Android, iPhone iPad, Phone--FREE Firmware, Software
  1.6% per swipe rate , 25 cents per transaction, $19.95/month, 
  no monthly minimum, no Intuit set up fees
  (3.2% keyed manually)
  Receipt emailed-free

  Apple Phone--FREE Firmware, Software
  2.75% swipe rate
  (2.75 offline swipe available)
  (3.5% plus 15 cents keyed manually)
  Receipt emailed-free

  Paypal--FREE Firmware, Software
  iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  2.7% USD swipe rate
  2.9% plus 30 cents to Email invoice to get paid later
  1% for cross-border transfers

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