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  QuickBookSavvy..... is your number one source for a professional ProAdvisor.        

        We surpass the competition, in not only price, but value as well.

Now servicing   NEBRASKA   Lincoln -- Omaha areas

Contact-Email us Now!      quickbooksavvy2017@nym.hush.com

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    Previous clients:
  • San Francisco Bay area  (North, South East Bay, Peninsula) 
  • Silicon Valley (San Jose, Cupertino, Mountain View) 

  Comprehensive Experience/Credentials

  • Intuit Certified ProAdvisor Member
  • 7 years QuickBooks Consulting in California, 3 years Arizona, 1 year Colorado
  • 2009 Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting, University of Phoenix
  • CPA candidate
  • 2012 MBA in Project Management, Florida Tech
  • 2007-2011 licensed, bonded, insured Notary Public
  • 2014 Arizona Licensed Insurance Agent
  • 25 years executive administration-management
  • 15 years accounting/finance management

    QuickBooksavvy managed clients (10 years)

  • E-commerce
  • Technology
  • Start Ups  $2M - $15M
  • Construction:  Commercial and residential 
  • Real estate: Financial investment, Property Management
  • Medical clinics
  • Private practice
  • Law offices
  • Non-Profit
  • Hospitality
  • Wholesale

QuickBooksavvy .....customized, personalized accounting and software service 

  • improves entity internal controls 

  • creates progressive FIS- financial information systems 

  • applies GAAP accounting methods 

  • analyzes and organizes FIS Chart of Accounts and categories

  • implements cost accounting for specific funds and accounts

  • utilizes software technology programming 

  • streamlines accounts and processes

  • converts computer data base systems 

  • sets up and programs remote, realtime, mobile access 

  • enables mobile business real time, mobile, remote access 

  • sets up 24/7/365 monitoring and track business accounting activities 

  • produces results, increases productivity, accuracy, and efficiency

  • increases business ROI and profitability

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